Configure Shortcuts in iTerm2

In OSX, ⌥+⌫ and ⌘+⌫ are the shortcuts for deleting a word and deleting a line respectively.

⌘+ ← and ⌘+ → are for going to the beginning and end of lines. By default, iTerm2 isn’t configured this way.

The following is what I’ve found to work on my machine.

Open the preferences (⌘+,) and go to the Keys tab.

Add a global shortcut key, and just type in your shortcut

In the Action dropdown, select Send Hex Code

The hex codes for…

Deleting a word: 0x17

Deleting a line: 0x15

Moving to the beginning of the line: 0x01

Moving to the end of the line: 0x05

iTerm Config

Credit: Levi Tan Ong


Written by Ismail Kalimi on 05 October 2015