Vim-ify Your Life

Vim isn't just a text editor, it is a way of life.

Having been on continuous path to improve my work flow, I recently took upon myself to learn Vim.

Vim is a very powerful modal text editor, and like all UNIX tools it does its singular job of editing text really well.

There is a definite learning curve to Vim and coming from Sublime Text there were a lot times when I could accomplish the same task in ST much quicker. Especially when using its Multiple-Selections feature.

I won’t get into the basics on how to use Vim (there are already a ton of articles out there which already do an amazing job) but just describe some of the features that made me into a Vim user.

As programmers we spend way more time reading code than writing it.

Turning on the relative line numbers was a game changer for me.

I could easily identify the line number on the left side gutter and jump to the corresponding line with

<n>J or K
33j #this basically translates to move down 33 lines from my current cursor position
15k #and this one is move up 15 lines

and with the use of the ‘V’ select Visual mode this becomes really handy in selecting and deleting chunks of text.

more on Vim on the next post

Written by Ismail Kalimi on 20 July 2015